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Silvery metal corkscrew, models "BY", by CHRISTOFLE (France).

Silvery metal corkscrew, models "BY" by CHRISTOFLE (France) :

very attractive silvery metal corkscrew

cylindrical and hollow shape - simple and very design look

great quality material : the silvered metal Christofle, precious and refined

no motive : everything is in the shape, designed for an excellent feature

the system used : "endless screw".

We insert the neck of the bottle into the hollow cylindrical part of the corscrew so that is maintained well and we push the drill in the cork.

We always screw in the same way until the resistance stops. The cork went out of the bottle effortlessly

with such a corkscrew, to open a wine bottle becomes easy as a children's game

creation and realization by the Studios CHRISTOFLE (France).

sizes : total height : 14 cm - diameter : 3.5 cm

between you and me : for maintenance, to use a product for silverware

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