6 long drink tumblers SAINT-TROPEZ SAINT-LOUIS

Cristalleries Saint-Louis
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6 long drink crystal tumblers, models "SAINT-TROPEZ", by the Crystal SAINT-LOUIS Company (France) :

beautiful very bright crystal glass

long drink tumbler, of a very pure look - plain cylindrical shape

bottom of the heavy and thick glass for a good stability

relatively fine upper edge for a pleasant drink

well studied width for a good handling

perfectly smooth material, very pleasant to the touch

a maximal transparency and luminosity testify of the very beautiful quality of the crystal

this glass is used as well for the aperitif as for the fruit juice

creation and realization by the crystal SAINT-LOUIS Company (France)

sizes : height : 15 cms - opening diameter : 7 cms

between you and me : a hand wash is recommended, in the almost cold tepid water. Let drain glasses and wipe them almost dry : they will shine quickly and more

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