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Champagne flute PASSY BACCARAT

Champagne flute

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Crystal champagne flute, models PASSY, by BACCARAT.

Handcrafted crystal champagne flute, models PASSY, by the Crystal BACCARAT Company :

Very pretty champagne flute of moderate height

A slender look without exaggeration, timeless and with a generous capacity

An incomparable and very high quality material: Baccarat crystal, clear, bright and shiny, which multiplies the effect of champagne bubbles in the glass

A very skillful pattern created by the master glassmakers: the vertical streaks start from the bottom of the tumbler which must therefore be thick enough and stop at different heights until the place where the glass is refined to be pleasant to the drink

A short leg and a wide and round base ensure the good stability of this flute, despite being light and very easy to use

To offer oneself absolutely!

creation and production by the Crystal BACCARAT Company (France)

dimensions:  height: 16.7 cm - opening diameter: 4.8 cm

between you and me : a hand wash is recommended and keeps the glasses beautiful for a long time

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