Tumbler Mosaïque Emeraude Baccarat
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Tumbler Mosaïque Emeraude Baccarat


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Crystal tumbler, models MOSAÏQUE, by the Crystal BACCARAT Company (France).

Crystal lined color tumbler, models MOSAIC by the Crystal BACCARAT Company (France):

very beautiful tableware tumbler in crystal lined color

a very pure shape, fine and well flared

a material of exceptional quality: a crystal clear, brilliant and extremely bright

no pattern on this tumbler, simply the contrast between the light and thick bottom and the tinted color part in the glass mass, which puts a refined note, even every day

very good stability at the base and a fine edge very pleasant when drinking

this tableware tumbler can also be used as a glass for aperitif or for presenting ice balls for dessert

to offer themselves absolutely!!!

Creation and production by the Crystal BACCARAT Company

dimensions: height: 10 cm - diameter opening: 8.3 cm - capacity: 22 cl

between you and me : this cup can be put in the dishwasher but a hand wash allows to keep it beautiful longer

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