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Earthenware mug, models "LEO LEA" , by CHRISTOFLE (France).

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Earthenware mug, models "LEO LEA" by CHRISTOFLE (France) :

very nice mug in decorated earthenware

cylindrical and simple shape

well manufactured material : a little bit thick earthenware to keep the good temperature a long time

decorations "boy and girl" (Léo and Léa) on each side of the 2 mugs representing 2 seasons :

- the summer : warm and lively colors : the red and the green colors dominate

- the winter and its colder and more crystal clear colors: the blue and the white colors dominate

small object of tableware, very playful and easy to use to make "as the adults"

over the time, it can become a small vase, a pencil holder on the desk, receive make-up products or combs and brushes in the bathroom...

creation by the studios CHRISTOFLE (France)

sizes: total height : 7.2 cm - opening diameter : 7 cm

between you and me : these mugs are dishwasher safe and micro waves proof