Set of 49 silverplated flatwares CONTOURS GUY DEGRENNE

Guy Degrenne
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Set of 49 silverplated flawares, models CONTOURS, by Guy DEGRENNE (France)

Set of 49 silverplated flatwares, models CONTOURS, by GUY DEGRENNE (France) :

elegant set of 49 flatwares

classical look with a little bit "vintage" tendency

very traditional model : simple rounded shape

the decoration "CONTOURS" find its place in a traditional tableware without excess

good quality of silverplating

creation and realization by GUY DEGRENNE (France)

dishwasher proof

our advice :  Avoid mixing the silvery and stainless steel flatwares in the dishwasher : well arrange them, all in the same direction, in differents baskets. Think of wiping them carefully before tidying them

composition : 12 dinner spoons + 12 table forks + 12 table knives + 12 coffee spoons + 1 soup ladle

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