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Cheese knife

Guy Degrenne
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Cheese knife, models COLORISSIMO, by GUY DEGRENNE

Cheese knife steel and handle color, models COLORISSIMO, by GUY DEGRENNE:

Knife to cut and serve the cheese very smart

A slender, clean and very functional shape

A very successful combination of two materials: 18/10 stainless steel for the blade and the ferrule and coloured nylon for the handle

No pattern on the handle, simply a square and flat shape that facilitates a good grip and holding in hand

The blade is particular to the function of this knife: a micro-toothing to cut the cheese and two tapered teeth make up the tip of the knife and make it possible to prick the piece of cheese and serve it without incident

The "instant cheese" before the end of the meal cannot be "at the top" without a good service knife reserved for this food

creation and production by GUY DEGRENNE (France)

size:  length: 23 cm

between you and me : this knife is compatible with the dishwasher

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