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6 soup plates GEORGE SAND China RAYNAUD

6 Porcelain soup plates, models "GEORGE SAND", by The Chinas RAYNAUD Company (France).

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6 Porcelain soup plates, models "GEORGE SAND", by the Chinas RAYNAUD Company (France) :

very nice porcelain soup plates

Elegant contours, refined and very "nature" shape, without edge

a very high quality material: a fine and resistant porcelain, very white (Limoges porcelain)

a two-stage decoration, first in the material itself, a relief pattern in white on white, followed by the "wild strawberries" pattern requested by George Sand at the time when she lived at Nohant, very fine, while recalling nature very close at hand

very nice plates to use for soup but also for some appetizers and tasty desserts, such as "floating islands" and other delicacies....

creation and realization by The Chinas RAYNAUD (France).

size : diameter : 19.5 cm

between you and me : these plates are dishwasher safe