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Porcelain plate, models "CHRISTMAS", by SOLA FRANCE Company (France).

Porcelain plate, models "CHRISTMAS", by SOLA FRANCE Company (France):

very beautiful china plate

well considered and realized : the decoration is positionned on the edge of the plate, all arround it : the center remains clear and white to emphasize well the served food

the decoration takes us to the country of the Santa Claus, in the big spaces of "BIG NORTH" : some fir trees heavily snowy, a beautiful star-studded blue sky and the Santa Claus with its basket filled with presents, which runs to big strides to distribute them in time.

beautiful china product, completely adapted to the atmosphere of Christmas

sizes :

- dinner plate : diameter : 27 cm

- dessert plate : diameter : 20 cm

between you and me : these plates are dishwasher safe

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