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6 dessert plates HULA HOOP GUY DEGRENNE

Guy Degrenne
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6 Porcelain dessert plates, models "HULA HOOP BLUE", by GUY DEGRENNE (France

6 Porcelain dessert plates, models "HULA HOOP BLEU", by GUY DEGRENNE (France) :

very pretty Porcelain dessert plates

a round shape, simple, functional and without edges, thus a maximum usable surface

a very qualitative material: a white porcelain, resistant and quite light

disarming simplicity: circular stripes, which fit the shape of the plate and whose rather cold but very soft colours add a relaxing note

the centre of the plate remains without decoration and thus highlights the dish served: a gourmet starter or a gourmet dessert

these plates are perfectly suited for daily use without complex

creation and production by GUY DEGRENNE (France)

dimension: diameter: 20 cm

between you and me : these plates are dishwasher safe

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