2 tumblers 35cl PAVINA BODUM

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Set 2 double wall tumblers, models "PAVINA", by BODUM (Europe).

Set 2 double wall tumblers, models "PAVINA", by BODUM (Europe) :

2 very nice coffee glasses

a shape in roundness, very pure and trendy

a very qualitative material: the borosilicate glass, light and very resistant to high temperatures, here, in double wall well insulated, the coffee can be very hot, we do not burn outside

a beautiful transparency reveals the color of the coffee and its strength

a very easy use for coffee, of course, but also tea, cappuccino, and even aperitif like glass or glass bowl...

Are currently part of the "Must" of a friendly welcome

creation and production by BODUM (Europe)

size : capacity : 35 cl

between you and me : these glasses are dishwasher safe

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