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4 cups BODUM

4 porcelain coffee cups, models "CAPUCCINO", by BODUM (Europe).

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4 Porcelain coffee cups, with saucer, models "CAPUCCINO", by BODUM (Europe) :

very nice porcelain coffee cups, with saucer

simple shape, trendy clear, design look

a little bit high cup widens upward

the saucer is perfectly adapted to receive the cup : the center is a little raised and contains a hole, what allows to prop up the cup

high quality material : white a little bit thick china to keep the heat, and very resistant

no decoration, just the white material which emphasizes the choosen drink : the coffee or the very sparkling chocolate

to use without restraint for multiple greedy drinks

creation and realization by BODUM (Europe)

sizes : - the saucer : diameter : 13 cms- the cup : height : 8.5 cm - opening diameter : 7 cm

between you and me : these cups are dishwasher-safe and microwaves