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1 porcelain coffee cup

1 Porcelain coffee cup, models "NEW WAVE ACAPULCO, MAYA, FACES, WHITE", by the VILLEROY & BOCH Company (Europe).

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 1 Porcelain coffee/espresso cup, with tray/saucer, models "NEW WAVE ACAPULCO, MAYA, FACES, WHITE", by the VILLEROY & BOCH Company (Europe) :

  • very smart decorated or not porcelain coffee cup
  • "New Wave" shape, totally in undulations, original but very functional
  • carefully manufactured material : "the Fine Bone China", fine but resistant and a little ivory
  • the decorations :
  • ACAPULCO : very design, full of lively colors, taking back a decoration representational bird, inspired by the mexican culture.
  • - MAYA : the délicacy and peaceful expression of a beautiful feminine face, surrounded with flowers of soft and neutral colors, revealed by a beautiful "chocolate" color which covers all the saucer
  • - FACES : an attractive success for this design and stylized decoration : outlines of faces appear on the cup in red and black, on the tray decorated with more or less fine black lines
  • - WHITE : the original model New Wave, always elegant and functional 
  • a small tray which makes saucer (location of the cup marked) is very well thought : possibility of putting the coffee spoon but also some chocolate delicacies for example
  • very attractive model, fashionable, young and full of boost, to use without moderation
  • creation and realization by the VILLEROY ET BOCH Company (Europe)
  • Sizes 
  • - the saucer : 16.5 x 11.5/12 cm
  • - the cup : height max : 7 cm - opening diameter : 6 cm
  • Between you and me : these cups are dishwasher and microwaves safe
  • immediate shipment