French press coffeemaker CHAMBORD 3T BODUM

French press coffeemaker CHAMBORD

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Coffee maker FRENCH PRESS ORIGINAL, models CHAMBORD, by BODUM (Europe).

Coffee maker "FRENCH PRESS ORIGINAL", models "CHAMBORD", by BODUM (Europe) :

iconic design and piston system praised by roasters around the world

cylindrical and very functional shape

metallic frame and lid brilliant finish

insulating black handle

borosilicate glass, for very high temperatures resistant and with a neutral taste

exclusive simplicity and efficiency :

- we put the ground coffee (rather boorishly ground) in the glass of the coffeepot

- we dump the boiling water above

- we move to mix well

- we a little let infuse

- we put the lid with the filter and we press on the button to filter : the coffee is ready and can be served

this coffee maker allows to make a coffee ecological and without residue in the cup

sizes :

- 12T : volume : 1.5 L - height : 26 cm - biggest diameter (handle included) : 20 cm

-   8T : volume : 1 L - height : 24.5 cm - biggest diameter (Handle included) : 18 cm

-   3T : volume : 0.35 L - height : 19 cm - biggest diameter (handle included) : 14 cm

accepted but useless dishwasher : think of cleaning well the metallic sieve of the filter regularly

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