French press teapot KENYA 1L BODUM

KENYA rouge
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French press teapot, with plastic filter, models "KENYA RED 1L", by BODUM (Europe) :

very nice round teapot

"ball" form, typical of the traditional teapot

quality material : the glass borosilicate for its thermal resistance - the ABS for the frame and the lid for its protection of the glass

a beautiful red color for the good mood, in the morning during the breakfast, for example

very easy use, to make some tea becomes a child's play :

- remove the set of piston and lid

- put some tea in the filter (leaves or bag)

- cover with the quivering hot water by above

- put the lid with the filter without pressing and letting infuse the desired time

- look at the color of the tea through the glass and if the time has come, press on the piston which pushes away the tea in the bottom of the filter not full of holes

- the tea is ready and can be served

creation and realization by BODUM (Europe)

sizes : volume : 1L

between you and me : the dishwasher is not useful

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