Press coffeemaker KENYA BODUM

KENYA 1978-1
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Press coffeemaker, models "KENYA 1978-1", by BODUM (Europe) :

very design and functional coffee maker

a cylindrical and simple shape

two quality materials successfully combined: durable and clean stainless steel, here in glossy finish, and borosilicate glass, lightweight and resistant to high temperatures, with a neutral taste

the frame and insulating handle protect the glass container of the coffee maker and the user from the harmful effects of heat

its easy and fast use allows a coffee without residue in the cup

this coffee maker makes aromatic coffee possible and has a proven ecological character because no paper filter and no plastic capsule are used

it is one of the "indispensable" of daily life

creation and production by BODUM (Europe)

size: capacity: 1 liter

between you and me : the dishwasher is useless, just a simple rinse immediately after use

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