Coffeemaker MIX ITALIA Steel ALESSI

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Stainless steel coffee maker, models MIX ITALIA F.F.F. KKK06 GR, by ALESSI (Italy):

great quality Italian steel coffee maker

a very playful shape, all roundness, and perfectly architectured

very successful combination of two materials: Alessi stainless steel 18/10, here in shiny finish, and polyamide that isolates from heat and brings a note of color, here a beautiful green "flashy"

screw closure - mixer in heat resistant lid

no pattern, just the design for this very functional coffee maker and which allows a fast and full strong coffee

creation and production by ALESSI (Italy)

sizes : height: 18 cm - diameter as wide as possible: 11 cm - capacity: 6 Italian espresso cups (very small)

between you and me : hand washing highly recommended - inefficient on the induction

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