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Teapot with tea ball Glass EVA SOLO

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Teapot with stainless integrated tea ball, models "GLASS", by EVA SOLO (Denmark):)

Very elegant glass teapot, steel and silicone

A beautiful shape of teapot, round, uncluttered and quite in transparency

3 materials associated successfully:

- The glass borosilicate very thermal shockproof

- The stainless steel for the integrated tea ball, drilled with a regularity completed for an excellent infusion of the tea

- The silicone for the lid, the flexibility of which is perfectly for the functioning of the teapot

A very easy use:

- fill the ball of bulk tea

- make warm the water directly in the teapot

- Free the tea ball by pressing on the lid

- To stop the infusion by press again on the lid and the tea ball takes its place back

System stops drop integrated into the beak-jug which allows a perfect service of the tea

creation and realization by EVA SOLO (Denmark)

sizes :

between you and me : this teapot is totally dishwasher safe and is adapted to all the types of cooktops except the induction