CHAMBORD théière
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Teapot with filter screen, models " CHAMBORD COLOURS ", by BODUM ( Europe).

Teapot on feet with filter screen, models "CHAMBORD COLOURS" by BODUM (Europe):

Excellent model of teapot to make tea

Round shape, design trendy look

Very great quality of the used materials:

- The glass borosilicate which resists the heat and is neutral to the taste

- The solid and resistant stainless steel, here in brilliant finish, used for the frame

- The colored food plastic which modernizes the model

A filter colored plastic infuser facilitates a good infusion of tea leaves because of its big width

An ergonomic and comfortable handle in ABS allows a good insulation of the heat

creation and realization by BODUM (Europe)

sizes : width : 20 cm - height : 15.7 cm - depth : 14.6 cm - volume : 1 liter/8 cups

between you and me : the dishwasher is very disadvised

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