Coffeemaker YOUNG PRESS

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French press coffeemaker, models YOUNG PRESS, by BODUM (France) :

"NEW LOOK" model for this coffee maker

great quality composite materials: borosilicate glass, lightweight and very resistant to thermal shocks - the synthetic resin for the outside of the coffee maker that gives it this "rubber" look

the beautiful red and black colors that give this coffee maker this look "third millennium"

glass has maximum protection both during service and during cleaning

and always the French Press system that allows to make a very good coffee in a simple, fast and efficient way

this coffee maker is part of the "Must Have" of coffee moment

excellent for starting the morning or relaxing afternoon break

creation and realization by BODUM (Europe)

size : volume : 1 liter

between you and me : this coffeemaker is not dishwasher safe

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