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Espresso coffee maker, models PULCINA by ALESSI (Italy)

Espresso coffee maker in cast aluminium, models PULCINA, by ALESSI (Italy) :

very unusual espresso coffee maker

A spherical shape that narrows upwards, in steps of stairs leading to a marriage of soft roundness and sharp angles

Two very qualitative materials associated: cast aluminium, the best existing heat conductor and the PA that brings the touch of color, here a beautiful dynamic red, for the handle and the button of the lid

In this form of coffee maker, the "strombolian" effect common to all is reduced and even eliminated, without altering the molecular structure of coffee.

Good news for experienced espresso coffee lovers, the one who comes out of this coffee maker is E X C E L L E N T!!!

Creation by MICHELE DE LUCCHI for ALESSI (Italy)

dimensions :

- 3 Cups : 15.2 cm x 9.2 cm x 20 cm - capacity : 15 cl

- 6 Cups : 20 cm x 12 cm x 26 cm - capacity : 30 cl

Between you and me : a hand wash is very recommended

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