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Coffee set TOSCANE French China

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China coffee set, 14 pieces, models TOSCANE (France)

China coffee set 14 pieces, models TOSCANE (France):

Very attractive porcelain coffee set

All in curvature, classic and timeless shape

A material of very well manufactured quality: a white and resistant china

Very fine, rich but light decoration : a motive in the shape of medallion is placed in the center of pieces, a small frieze ends the decoration on edges and attractive golden lines dress elegantly all the pieces

Tints blue, white now very soft this set invites in the musing .... holidays in Tuscany, for example!!!

Easy to use - good handling

Clean and well-kept realization - French manufacturing

Composition: 11 tasses+soucoupes + 1 coffeepot + 1 sugar bowl + 1 milkpot

Between you and me : a wash in the hand is recommended for these articles

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