Wood spices mill TWERGI ES19 RED ALESSI

Wood spices mill

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Wood spices mill, models TWERGI ES19, by ALESSI.

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Rouge Carmin

Wood spice grinder, models TWERGI ES19, design Ettore Sottsass, by ALESSI:

spice grinder design and functional

a collection imagined and realized with superpositions of colored volumes, to contemplate like small "sculptures"

a cylindrical body positioned on a flattened base and surmounted by a hat also flattened

a highly qualitative material: FSC certified beech wood, therefore of eco-responsible origin

different details in grain, knots and appearance of wood, make each mill a collector's item

added to those of the first collection, colours with surprising, joyful and dynamic combinations

a small utensil "ESSENTIAL" in a kitchen and at the table every day, easy to use, easy to fill and easy to clean

it allows, with a simple movement of the wrist, to sublimate simple recipes by the intensity of freshly ground aromas

it finds its place at home, when you love to surround yourself with amazing objects and are passionate about Italian design

creation by Ettore Sottsass and production by ALESSI (italy)

sizes : height : 15 cm - diameter : 7 cm

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