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Pan to cook pastas, models PASTA POT PJOIS, by ALESSI (Italy).

Stainless steel pan to cook pastas, models PASTA POT PJOIS by ALESSI (Italy):).

Very beautiful set of cooking for pastas

Very uncluttered, perfectly drawn shape and of a wonderful esthetics

Materials of very great quality: the stainless steel of Alessi, the cast iron and the melamine

This set consists of:

- 1 pan with long handle, multiply

- 1 stainless steel lid and cast iron

- 1 spoon in melamine

- 1 table mat in melamine

To cook pastas, we use the method of cooking "RISOTTO": we get back them with arômates and we cover them with water as this one is absorbed. It results from it a food healthy, natural and particularly delicious, while being simply and quickly prepared.

Realization by Alessi ( Italy)

Size : diameter: 22 cms.

Between you and me : this article is dishwasher safe

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