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Enamelled cast iron grill

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Grill in enameled cast iron, models CARRE NOIR, by STAUB.

Grill in enameled cast iron, models CARRE NOIR, by STAUB :

Ideal cooking utensil to grill as barbecue

simple square shape with pouring spout

a material of very high quality: the enamelled cast iron, which perfectly retains and diffuses the heat homogeneously

the interior is enamelled black to resist scratches and make cleaning easy

special grooves for grasping and caramelizing food and collecting fat

the silicone handle allows a comfortable grip and facilitates the storage of the grill by folding

this grill is perfect for juicy and tender cooking of poultry steaks and cutlets and can go directly from the kitchen to the table

creation and production by STAUB (France)

dimensions : 24 cm x 24 cm

use and maintenance: compatible with all fires + induction + oven + dishwasher

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