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OVALE 29 cm STAUB CHERRY RED Cast Iron pot

Enamelled Cast Iron Pot

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Enamelled cast iron pot, models OVALE 29 cm by STAUB.

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Enamelled cast iron pot, models OVALE 29 cm by STAUB :

Excellent traditional cooking utensil

an elegant oval shape, comfortable and functional

a material of very high quality: cast iron, with an elaborate design and optimized weight, perfect for dishes that simmer for a long time

the heat is very well retained and is diffused slowly and homogeneously

thanks to its flat lid with a marked contour, residual moisture promotes a regular watering by the presence of spikes spread over its entire surface

matte black interior enamelling enhances scratch resistance and makes cleaning the pot easier

once hot, the heat can be reduced to a minimum and allows a gentle simmering of home-made recipes

creation and production by STAUB (France)

Dimensions: capacity: 4.2 L - 4-5 persons - 29 cm x 22.5 cm x 15.5 cm (cover included)

use and maintenance: compatible with all fires + induction + oven + dishwasher

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