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Pressure cooker

NOVIA 9 litres
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Steel pressure cooker, models NOVIA, by LAGOSTINA.

Steel pressure cooker, models NOVIA, by LAGOSTINA :

Excellent cooking utensil for an entire meal

an elegant look, full of roundness, revealing Italian design even in the kitchen

materials of very great quality: 18/10 stainless steel, here in brilliant finish and insulating bakelite for the handles and the lever of the lid

a fully stainless steel tank, cylindrical, comfortable, with the maximum level not to exceed when filling, and in which is placed the rubber seal that makes the pressure cooker airtight

the great particularity of this utensil lies in its lid: thanks to a "flexibility" perfectly studied, it is it that ensures the closure of the pressure cooker

during the increase in pressure, a piston designed for this purpose blocks the lever and secures the cooking

an operating valve, by variations of hissing, indicates the power of cooking

depending on the food, the cooking time is more or less long but in any case faster than for other ways of cooking

this utensil is a real expert, which allows to cook quickly all the dishes constituting a meal, in a healthy way (because often steam) and economical in energy

creation and production by LAGOSTINA (Italy)

sizes : capacity : 9 liters - diameter : 24 cm

maintenance: this utensil is compatible with the dishwasher and can be used on all cooking sources including induction

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