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Crystal vase, models "EDITH", by The Crystal BACCARAT Company (France).

Handcrafted Crystal vase, models "EDITH", by the Crystal BACCARAT Company (France):

beautiful handcrafted Crystal vase

a simple and well-widened shape, tightened in the center for the good maintenance of the bouquet of flowers

an exceptional quality material: the crystal "BACCARAT", clear, shiny and wonderfully bright

a classic motif: the "Flat Rib", made of facets present on the entire surface of the vase, revealing the virtuosity of the glass-master worker, to "hang" the light and thus multiply the presence of the vase

a timeless and iconic model of the Crystal BACCARAT Company

To be offered ABSOLUTELY

Creation and realization by the Crystal BACCARAT Company (France)

dimensions: height: 30.5 cm - diameter opening: 20 cm - diameter inside (part tightened): 16 cm

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