Silvered elephant CHRISTOFLE

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Silver metal elephant by CHRISTOFLE (France)

Silver metal elephant, on wooden base, by CHRISTOFLE (France):

very pretty figurine elephant in silver patinated metal

a very well represented attitude: at rest, in majesty, the trunk positioned upwards

a combination of two very successful materials: silver metal for the subject and black wood for the base, which perfectly enhances the elephant

The elephant represents peace, prosperity, wisdom and knowledge in many cultures around the world

Here in particular, his upwards-pointing trunk signifies joy and happiness, intelligence and memory.

very nice little object to offer absolutely !!!

creation and realization by CHRISTOFLE (France)

sizes : 10 cm x 12 cm x 16 cm

between you and me : a soft cloth is enough for maintenance with from time to time the passage of a product for silverware

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