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Figurine crystal horse, models JUMPING, by the Crystal BACCARAT Company(France).

Figurine clear crystal Horse, models JUMPING, by the Crystal BACCARAT Company (France):

Very beautiful crystal figure

A pure line and quite in the movement: the show jumping seized at the time of the impulse of the horse which seems to take off and to lengthen at the most

A exceptional material : the crystal Baccarat, of a perfect transparency, an excellent luminosity, very carefully and delicately worked

The motive for horse is realized in a very suggestive way, without precise details, so that we perceive the relief of the muscles of the animal as well as the outlines of the head and the legs

Very beautiful essential object for all the enthusiasts of horses and "jumping" in particular

creation and realization by the Crystal BACCARAT Company (France)

Sizes : maximal height: 18 cms - maximal length: 26 cms - maximal depth: 6 cms

Between you and me : to make shine the crystal, to rub it deeply with the tissue paper

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