Porcelaines Raynaud
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Porcelain duck, "HAND PAINTED" by the Chinas RAYNAUD Company (Limoges-France).

Porcelain duck "HAND PAINTED", by the Chinas RAYNAUD Company (Limoges-France) :

very attractive duck in Limoges Porcelain

position of swimming, quiet, in relaxed walk

very meticulous decoration, "Hand-Painted"

the blue duck presents a certain uniformity in the blue color, decorated with a little bit granita on the head and at the end of wings and of tails

delicate small object which can complete a ducks collection or remains the decorative object which is self-sufficient

material of great-quality : extra-white Limoges Porcelain

creation and realization by the China factory RAYNAUD (Limoges-France)

size : length : 16 cms - width : 7 cms - heigth : 8.5 cms

between you and me : easy cleaning

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