Dog figure LARRY Pâte de verre DAUM

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Dog figure, models "LARRY" by DAUM (France).

"Pâte de Verre" dog figure, models "LARRY", by DAUM (France) :

nice small "Pâte de Verre" object

flattened and a little bit thiskset form : the dog is represented sitting, in a posture of relaxed expectation

premium quality of the material : the "Pâte de Verre" in the stricking reliefs

a whole colors palette, quite more beautiful the same than the others, which change according to the light and the place of exposure

small very smart dog, named "LARRY", who keep company silently on a desk, for example

it exists in 3 different color versions

creation and realization by the studios DAUM (France)

sizes :

- height : 6.5 cm

- length : 6 cm

- width  : 7 cm

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