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"Pâte de Verre" and Crystal cat, models "PERSAN", by DAUM (France) :

very representational decorative object

geometrical shape : a block of rectangular clear crystal of a beautiful bright transparency as the clear water

the theme : a cat settled well over an aquarium, which wants to play with the fish which is inside

very successful association of materials : the cat in"Pâte de Verre" in a position very well drawn - the clear crystal aquarium in which is sculptured in hollow a beautiful very serene fish in spite of the presence of the cat

very beautiful colors : the translucent white and turquoise blue bright represent well the aquatic world

ornemental element to be put in full lght on a clear or dark surface, on a desk or on a bookcase, for example

creation and realization by the studios DAUM (France)

size : total length : 12.5 cm - height with cat : 14 cm - width with cat : 5 cm

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