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Silvery animal, models "DOLPHIN, DOG OR CAT", by CHRISTOFLE (France).

Silvery metal animal, models " DOLPHIN, DOG OR CAT ", by CHRISTOFLE ( France):

Very nice little silvered metal figures

Very design, pure, net and very representational general look

A great quality material: the silvered metal Christofle, sophisticated, precious and sustainable

3 figures very well represented in their favorite posture:

Dolphin : position of lively and roguish swimming, the sea around him is not more missing than

- Size : length: 11 cms - width: 3.5 cms - height: 4.5 cms

The dog : position in the stop, on the alert, attentive to the attitude of its master

- Size : length: 9 cms - width: 2 cms - height: 7 cms

The cat : seated, contemplative and enigmatic position, but in continual observation of its country

- Size : length: 5 cms - width: 2.5 cms - height: 5.5 cms

Adorable small figures to be collected, to be put in a shop window, to rest on an office ....

Creation and realization by Studios CHRISTOFLE (France).

Between you and me : these products are protected for a layer of varnish which recovers the silvery metal; it is thus useless to use a product for the silverware - a simple dust removal is enough with a soft cloth.

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