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Porcelain figurine, models ELEPHANT or BEAR, by R.BRITTO and the China GOEBEL Company.

Decorated porcelain figures, models ELEPHANT or BEAR, by R. BRITTO and the China Goebel Company:

very nice little decorative object

very representative of the "Pop Art" style and a cheerful and delicate figurative look at the same time

combination of two complementary materials of very grest quality: the porcelain subject is presented on a beautiful black wood base, which brings out the whiteness of the china

the subjects: two renowned animals, the elephant and the bear, are represented here in a very cheerful way, in a sitting position, and with an expression "all smiles", which generates a great optimism

the white background and small black and gold patterns give a crazy chic to this small object in which we find the visual and universal language of the hope and joy of life of the artist

creation by R.BRITTO and production by the China GOEBEL Company (Germany)

sizes :

- elephant : height : 14 cm

- bear : height : 12.5 cm

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