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Wooden bird carved by WILD LIFE GARDEN


Hand-carved and hand-painted wooden bird by WILD LIFE GARDEN:

very nice collection of small European wooden birds

very realistic reproduction in attitudes

a natural material: wood, hand-carved and fully hand-painted here

Proposed Collection:

- ROBIN : red chest - grey brown on the rest of the body - jumps on its joined legs

- ELEGANT GOLDFINCH : Black-headed Passereau - White Belly - Yellow Colour Strokes on Wings

- WREN : small stature - plump - run like a little mouse

- GOLDCREST :  small bird lung - puck - spends time on top of trees

- CRESTED TIT : sedentary bird - apparent crown-shaped crest on black and white head - brown back - greyish belly

- BLUE THROAT : small migratory bird with a remarkable song

- COMMON REDPOLL: A grey-brown bird that clings to the tips of birch branches and often holds its head down

creation and production by WILD LIFE GARDEN (Sweden)

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