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Perfumed candles, models "FRISES ASSORTIES", by the chinas BERNARDAUD Company (France).

Perfumed candles, models "FRISES ASSORTIES", by the Chinas BERNARDAUD Company (France) :

very nice decorated porcelain candelsticks tumblers

Simple, a little bit wide and flared shape

A beautiful material : a fine, white and resistant china

A stylized but very warm decoration : vertical friezes alternating with a motive and a band of color

3 colors, 3 scents:

- Orange: " spice and Mockeries ": pleasant scent of Vanilla, marriage of orange and Bergamotte, spicy notes supported by the wealth of the Patchouly of Seychelles and rounded off all right amber..... a whole hymn in the well-being !!!

- Blue : " Peach tree and Delicacies ": marriage of red berries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, red apples, vetiver decorated with a touch of coconut just a little aniseed. Floral notes of jasmine and violets conjugate for a cheerful and spontaneous atmosphere

- Green: "from here and there": Associations of woody and spicy tones resulting from some Wood of Gaïac, from the nail of clove, from some Sandalwood of India and from the Vetiver of Haiti. Vanilla and fruity notes bring sweetness and freshness to this flavor

creation and realization by the Chinas BERNARDAUD Company (France)

Size : diameter : 9 cm

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