Candle holder + glass TOMMY SAINT-LOUIS

Candle holder/torch with glass

Cristalleries Saint-Louis
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Candle holder + glass, models TOMMY, by the Crystal SAINT-LOUIS Company.

Crystal candle holder + glass, models TOMMY, by the Crystal SAINT-LOUIS Company :

beautiful decorative object

a slender, elegant and very refined look

an exceptional material: a pure crystal, bright and clear, which captures the light wonderfully

the decoration "TOMMY", icon of the Cristallerie, which represents an extraordinary work of the master glassmakers of the company: delicately realized to the millimeter, it reveals all the areas of intervention of these artists and make of this object a unique piece with each manufacture

all the candlestick and its glass are cut from top to bottom with different patterns, complementary and adapted to the worked surface

and to finish this beautiful object, a very beautiful crown of "knife tassels" dresses the bobunk of this torch and seems to animate it with every movement or small breath of air

there is obviously a functional and timeless candle holder that illuminates its location in the house

creation and production by the Crystal SAINT-LOUIS Company (France)

size : total height : 42.6 cm

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