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Candleholder/photophore ICONIK CHRISTOFLE


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Candleholder/photophore, models ICONIK by CHRISTOFLE.

Candle holder/photophore in silver metal, models ICONIK by CHRISTOFLE:

very nice little silver metal photophore

a general cylindrical shape obtained by the superposition of 2 elements: a flat base to accommodate the candle and a curved panel to be placed on this base

a very qualitative material: silver metal, here in brilliant finish

the curved panel is perforated and thus allows to create plays of light with the flame of the candle

the reflective walls seem to revolve around the candle whose flame can freely "dance"

small exceptional decorative object, contemporary and elegant design that sublimates the candles, whose flame creates a warm emotion

The "The Art of Lighting a Candle"

creation and production by CHRISTOFLE

sizes : height : 12 cm - diameter : 10.5 cm

between you and me :  you can use a dish warmer candle or a 70 grs candle

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